Representative Timilty urges extension on public comment period regarding airplane impacts

Representative Walter Timilty recently wrote to the FAA urging an extension to the public comment period regarding airplane impacts over affected communities. In an email to MyTownMatters, Representative Timilty wrote: “It is my belief that the most recent comment period, established by the F.A.A., regarding the incredibly, inequitable flight-plans that have been thrust upon Milton, to be unreasonable.” Please click “Read more for the text of Representative Timilty’s letter to the FAA.

To the F.A.A.:

Given the incredibly unjust and deleterious flight-plans that have been foisted upon the citizens that I am privileged to represent, which is compounded by the dearth of accurate information provided by the F.A.A., I am requesting an extension of the period that has been established for comments from our aggrieved residents. Currently this period will expire on June 5.

Obviously, this is not reasonable! I firmly believe that an extension, lasting until June 30 would be appropriate. Please, extend this most reasonable of requests every possible consideration.


Walter F. Timilty
State Representative
7th Norfolk District

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