Library Director Will Adamczyk addresses Rotary Club

by Michael Maholchic

Milton Public Library director, Will Adamczyk, was the speaker at the Rotary Club on Wednesday, May 20, 2015. Adamczyk was there to talk about the Library’s successes in recent years, and the new focus on the Library’s strategic plan. The Library has seen incredible usage growth across the board since the new building opened six years ago. Library circulation is up, as are visits and program attendance.

The Library is focused now on creating a strategic plan to bring us to the next level for the Milton Public Library. A planning committee was formed in the fall, and several focus groups have been held over the past months. The plan is still in its formative stage, but some of the recurring topics have included: the building; Library collections; staff; Library partners; outreach; programming; technology; communications; and diversity. These are all areas to focus on moving forward as the Library sets goals for the next several years.

The Rotarians had a couple of questions about library security.  Adamczyk noted that the Library has many middle school students coming in after school lets out.  In light of the recent lockdowns at Milton High School he has been in conversation with Police Chief Richard G. Wells in relation to emergency drills that will be established.

The Library has a valuable art collection, and in light of the recent disappearance of art valued at more than $600,000 from the Boston Public Library, he assured those present that security cameras monitor the collection.

Mr. Adamczyk said that input is always welcome, and for members to contact him with ideas for the future of the Library, or with ideas for ways to collaborate with town groups and organizations.

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