Letter: Milton Crew Director welcomes community to learn more about rowing


As summer winds down and we look to fall, our thoughts turn to school, cooler nights, apple picking, and any number of fun New England activities. Included in my list of great fall activities is Crew. As some of you know, I was fortunate enough to have been a twelve time National Champion in my home country of Serbia. I also competed at five World Championships as a representative of my country.  After competing for Boston University, on a full scholarship, I have coached at the College and National level here in my adopted home.

I am now pleased and proud to be affiliated with the Friends of Milton Crew, one of the best kept secrets in town. Friends of Milton Crew are a group which supports both the Neponset Rowing Club, and the Milton High School Crew team.  FOMC was started four years ago by a few individuals from Milton who had a love of the sport and wished to pass it on.

The NRC is a group of local athletes who gather to learn to row or enhance their rowing skills. It is a great opportunity to get in shape, stay active, and socialize.  The Milton High School Crew team has quickly become a star performer of the High School Athletics Program. Started just a few years ago, Milton crew can now boast various victories, state championships and invitations to row at the National Schools’ Championships Regatta in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Crew is a true team sport. It embodies the essence of the team concept. A group of rowers, trying to become one, in a race to the finish. It is a beautiful and fun sport to watch as well. The atmosphere at a regatta is friendly, collegial, and competitive in a healthy way.

FOMC will be holding a christening of 3 of its boats on the weekend of November2nd following the South Shore Invitational Challenge which is held every fall at Milton Landing.  Past supporters and donors to FOMC will be recognized for their contributions. This is a wonderful chance to acknowledge those who have helped us in the past.

There are other ways to get familiar with FOMC. Join us for a regatta, attend our October celebration and fundraiser on Friday October 24th at 7:00 PM at The View in Quincy, or just visit our website and see what FOMC is all about!!!

We welcome new members, supporters, or just interested parties who want to know more about a great sport.


Milos Nikolic

Program Director,  Friends of Milton Crew

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