350th to give Milton the time of day & . . . more fireworks?

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 10.15.07 AMAt the recent Selectmen’s meeting Emma Jean Moulton appeared before the selectmen to discuss a legacy gift the 350th Committee would like to bestow on the town as “something tangible to show our continuing love for the town”. The suggestion is a street clock. Two clocks, actually, one would be in East Milton and the other at Central & Eliot. The selectmen love the idea.


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Ms. Moulton went through a brief presetnation. The clocks are manufatured by Electric Time, a company based in Medfield. The clocks come in a variety of styles. The clocks being suggested by Ms. Mouton are ~15 feet highof cast aluminum. They dials are lit at night with LED bulbs and the clocks are GPS enabled. The clock at Eliot and Central would be a 2 dial clock. The one in East Milton would be a 4 dial clock. Imagine a cube sitting atop a pole with a clock face on each side.

The 350th committee has not yet voted on the gift. They sought to gauge the interest of the selectmen first; but there are no reservations on their part. Ms. Moulton said there was consensus on the committee.

All the selectmen endorsed the idea of the gift. Member Sweeney said, “It puts back a little piece of history.” The 350th committee will work with the Town Planner on the specific siting of the clocks.

On a related note, Co-chair of the 350th Committee, Lynda-Lee Sheridan, appeared during Citizens Speak to plant a seed with the Selectmen regarding a possible annual Fireworks display. Ms. Sheridan said she’d heard from quite a few residents regarding the positive town wide sense of community that the all day event last summer generated. “The goodwill of hte big event brought people together in unique ways and [the intent] is to carry that forward,” said Sheridan. She posed the idea of an annual fireworks display. The Selectmen were amenable and next steps will be to look into logistics, costs, funding opportunities, and timing. A committee will be formed and they may look into formation of a non-profit. Selectman Sweeney liked the idea of “preserving the spirit of it” and noted that the red, white, and blue street striping was starting to fade. He speculated whether it might be worth looking into keeping the strip fresh as a reflection of town pride.

Sheridan received the blessing to move forward with developing a plan for what might be involved.

And it goes without saying that the 350th gave more to the town than the time of day – they have given a tremendous amount all benefited from. Thank you!

photo by Frank Schroth

photo by Frank Schroth


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