Representative Walter F. Timilty Attends Opposes Federal Aviation Administration’s Departure Plan

News release from the office of Representative Walter Timilty

Representative Walter Timilty (D–Milton) recently sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Interim Senator Mo Cowan to voice his opposition to the FAA’s proposed adjustment to departures from Runway 33L at Logan International Airport.

Representative Timilty’s opposition revolves around the increase in aeronautical traffic traversing Milton, under this proposal. It is Representative Timilty’s belief that Milton is overburdened with air traffic as routes currently operate. As such, he has requested that the public comment period be extended from its current February 15th deadline. Additionally, Representative Timilty has requested that the FAA engage in a study of both the noise pollution and the environmental effects on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis.

“It is my fervent hope that the Federal Aviation Administration will reassess its proposed plan and arrive at the conclusion that Milton is already bearing an overly disproportionate burden of aeronautical traffic and its corresponding deleterious effects. This new proposal will most certainly exacerbate what is already an inequitable situation,” said Timilty.

For these reasons, Representative Timilty opposes the Federal Aviation Administration’s current proposal for Runway 33L.

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