Letter: MYC performs dock repairs

Milton Yacht Club has again paid for raw materials and supplied the knowledge and labor to rebuild the main float that comprises Milton Landing’s public access dock. Used as a turn-key access solution by community boaters as well as the MHS Crew program, the entire float system was in need of repairs. In the case of the Extension Float (not pictured), it had to be destroyed and replaced, as it had finally passed its serviceable phase after 50 years of continuous free use by all comers. The main float (pictured below) required re-bracing of its superstructure and complete removal and replacement of its top decking. Next we will build a new extension float from scratch. Total cost for materials will be roughly $12,000. Labor cost is on top of that. MYC members are the sole source of labor and money to deliver Milton’s required boating access to the Neponset River and hence to Boston Harbor. This year with its heavy snow delayed repair activities by almost a month while members used their own machinery and equipment to clear the work area in order to evaluate and begin the work effort.

Spencer Day
Treasurer, Milton Yacht Club

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  1. Spencer Day
    April 21, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    Thank you for publishing this. It has also been submitted to the Milton Times, to address certain incorrect characterizations of the role of Milton Yacht Club on page 23 of the April 16, 2015 issue. The coaches should know more about what goes on at the waterfront. They are welcome to assist in preparations that are required for river access. Also FOMC has been asked to assist with costs, but so far have declined.

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