Letter: Malcolm Larson on ballot Question 1, firefighter override


I am Chairman of a committee to support the passage of QUESTION 1 that will appear on the ballot Election Day, April 28th.

The background for this ballot questions was the tragic on duty injury of a Milton Firefighter on June 30, 2007. Our brave Milton Firefighter was helping a woman involved in a car accident when he was hit by a drunk driver, thrown over 40 feet to land in the middle of Blue Hill Ave. with traumatic injuries to his head and entire body. As we all honor the heroic sacrifice made that day, there is another side to this tragedy that the Town has had to address. The financial side.

M.G.L. 111 and 111F require all medical costs related to Firefighter and Police Officers injured on duty to be paid by the City or Town of employment, as well as their full pay and benefits. That is the law in Massachusetts. Firefighters and Police are NOT covered by Workman’s compensation in Massachusetts and the Town was self insured at the time.

The most fiscally responsible way to pay the legally obligated medical expenses for our one Firefighter so seriously injured serving us will appear as Ballot Question 1 on April 28th.

A “YES” vote will authorize the Town to establish a “Special purpose” fund, maintained by Town Treasurer, in an amount not to exceed $500,000 annually. This authorization shall remain in effect only as long as there are legally obligated medical expenses, only for the actual payments required and only for our one injured Firefighter. It will be used for NO other purpose and any unused funds shall be returned and used to reduce the tax levy.

A “NO” vote will mean the Town will have no choice but to cut Town services in order to pay this legal obligation out of the Town’s operating budget each year at Town Meeting.

My self (Malcolm Larson M.F.D. Chief / Retired), John Shields, Steve Morash, Joseph Patrick O’Malley, Ann Marie Fagan and SM Kate Conlon have formed a committee to inform voters that this ballot question will appear April 28th and to encourage support. It is important that voters understand this ballot question and not see it for the first time when they vote. We believe it should and will receive overwhelming support. SUPPORTING THOSE THAT PROTECT US in their time of need is something everyone in Milton can get behind.

We sincerely hope you will all support this ballot question on April 28th and encourage your friends and neighbors to join us.


Malcolm Larson TMM P-1

  2 comments for “Letter: Malcolm Larson on ballot Question 1, firefighter override

  1. malcolm.larson@comcast.net
    April 22, 2015 at 9:56 am

    The “Vote Yes on Question 1” committee continues to work hard getting the message out. Information flyers are being delivered to active Milton voters and the list of supporters continues to grow. All Town Office candidates, selectmen past & present, influential residents from left, right and center are signing on as supporters. Voters that may agree on very few issues agree that a YES vote on Question 1 is good for Milton. Please join us April 28th. Protect those that protect us! It is a small price ($1 per week per avg. home) to meet our legal obligation and show our brave Firefighters & Police that we are there for them in their time of need.

  2. Katie Conlon
    April 26, 2015 at 11:10 pm

    I echo Malcolm Larson’s comments and encourage voters to vote “yes” on ballot question 1 on Tuesday. A “yes” vote will help the Town to pay the medical costs of an injured firefighter without impacting the Town’s operating budget. It is the best way to manage this long-term expense.

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