Letter: Representative Timilty urges F.A.A. review of aviation impact on Milton

In a letter to Michael Huerta, Administrator of the F.A.A. dated January 9, 2015, Representative Timilty expressed his concerns with the adverse impacts of airplane traffic over Milton. He requested Mr. Huerta’s attention to this issue. Representative Timilty wrote:

It is my understanding that the F.A.A. has hte regulatory authority to address thes issue when the effect of both noise nad air pollution are deemed to be detrimental to the health and well-being of a community. [Milton] is an egregious exampls of such a situation. . . the negative effects of poor air-quality, resulting from aviation emissions continue to engender long-term harmful consequences for the residents of Milton .  .  . Thereore, I am urging the F.A.A., in the strongest possible terms, to review the concners presented by the citizens of Milton.

Read the full text of Representative Timilty’s letter here.

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