MPS Program Puts Scientists in Elementary Classrooms

photo courtesy of MPS

photo courtesy of MPS

The Milton Public Schools have partnered with Science from Scientists, an acclaimed program which sends scientists into elementary school classrooms to work with students.

This program was piloted in the Cunningham and Collicot Grade 5 classrooms last year, with funding provided by the Milton Foundation for Education. After a successful pilot and positive feedback from teachers and students, the program was expanded this year to grade 5 classes district-wide, and is funded by Milton Public Schools and the Milton Foundation for Education.

Beginning in October and continuing through the school year, a pair of professionals who work in the science fields will visit grade 5 classrooms on a bi-weekly basis to teach a hands-on, inquiry-based science lesson aligned with curriculum standards.

“One of the great features of this program is that the same two scientists visit the same classroom each time,” said Bernadette Moonan, Elementary Science Coordinator for the Milton Public Schools. “This allows for a consistent, professional relationship between our teachers and the scientists, as well as between our students and the scientists.”

Another element of the Science from Scientist program is the professional development being offered. Milton Public School teachers have the opportunity to take advantage of a program through Science from Scientists by writing and implementing high-quality follow-up science lessons and getting ongoing feedback from Science for Scientists.

“The program is also fantastic for Professional Development because teachers stay in the classrooms while the lessons are taught and are active participants, so they watch a real scientists teach science,” said Moonan.
Anyone who is interested in learning more about this program will have a chance to meet some of the participants during the upcoming MFE Monster Dash.  Science from Scientists has volunteered to host a table at the Monster Dash on Sunday, October 26th at Cunningham Hall.

The goal of Science from Scientists is to ensure the nation’s youth is competitive globally in STEM fields through exciting, informative and engaging training by practicing scientists. Their lesson topics are informed by MCAS requirements and other relevant curriculum frameworks

“Our teachers, our friends from Milton Foundation for Education, our students, and myself are all very excited for this program and are fortunate to have it,” said Moonan. “I have no doubt that our teachers and students will find this an enriching experience.”

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