Letter: Jeff Stone asks if we are doing all we can to reduce insurance costs

Marshfield’s population is 24,000; Milton’s is 27,000. In this Sept. 12 Ledger article, Health insurance changes save Marshfield $9 million, Marshfield estimates eye-popping savings of $9 million through joining the Mayflower Municipal Health Group rather than the Group Insurance Commission. “The more than 30 communities and public entities in the [Mayflower] group jointly purchase health, dental and life insurance plans for employees.”

I know that Milton has made strides in lowering benefits costs for town employees that Milton taxpayers must support. Nonetheless it’s reasonable to ask at regular intervals whether we are doing all we can to get those costs as low as possible while maintaining good benefits. I’d love for a Milton Selectman, Town Administrator or other knowledgeable person to respond to this.

Jeff Stone

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