Curiosity Reaps Rewards For Pierce Students

The following students had their work selected in the 2013 Cambridge Science Festival’s Curiosity Challenge. This contest received over 2,000 entries this year. All the winners will be honored in a ceremony at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Sunday, April 21st. In addition,their work will be published in this year’s Cambridge Science Festival book.

Students were asked to write an essay, draw or take a picture about something that makes them curious and explain how it motivated them to explore their world. The Cambridge Science Festival is a multi-day event which celebrates the leading edge in science, technology, engineering and math. This year’s festival begins on Friday, April 12th and will run through Sunday, April 21st.

The following Pierce Middle School students were recognized: Anthony Umeh and Maya Wanatabe (Mrs. Gilbert); Claire Casey, Hue-Ninh Nguyen (Mrs. McEvoy); Jack Raftery and Julia Francesconi (Mrs. Winchester); Kate Fahy and Luthea Dowdall (Ms. Hoyceanyls); Kristin Rose and Madeline Gray (Mr. Stoodt); Lilly Tennyson and Thomas Fish (Mrs. Bertrand).

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