Opinion / Commentary

Let’s hear it for the good guys!

Commentary by Frank Schroth

Can we please get a round of applause for the good guys? They show up at town hall in the evening and they meet and talk until 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 or later. They do this night after night, week after week. They don’t get paid and they rarely get thanked. They weren’t elected. They were just tapped on the shoulder and they answered a call.

Milton View: Community Preservation Act Perfect for Milton

from The Milton View / Phil Matthews

Twelve years ago the Massachusetts legislature passed the Community Preservation Act. Its purpose is to assist Massachusetts communities in preserving their history and open spaces, as well as to enhance the affordable housing stock for town residents. (Read the full story here.)

SC needs to vote on French cap

Commentary by Frank Schroth

At the end of July the superintendent recommended that a cap be placed on 1st enrollments in the French Immersion program. It is October and the School Committee has yet to vote on the recommendation. And, based on past comments,  it is likely they will continue to kick that vote down the road when they meet this evening.

The MWRA and Misdirected Frustration

Commentary by Phil Mattnews / The Milton View

MWRA — four letters that engender anger and frustration in Massachusetts residents in the greater Boston area. There is even a staccato delivery and disgusted tone with which the letters are customarily uttered.  Many people know no more about it than that it causes us to pay some of the highest water and sewer rates in the country.  The Authority must be the cause of these rates, many assume.  They are making a mess of a service that should cost less. (Read the full story here.)

Selectmen & Planning Board collide. . . again

Commentary by Frank Schroth

For the third time in two months, the Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board have scheduled their meetings for the same night. Tonight the meetings start at the same time. Both will be taking up issues of significant and longstanding importance to the town, but there is no easy way for any resident to  become informed on the deliberations that take place or comment at Citizen Speak.

Ledger Opinion: Wind power’s potential warrants the experiment

from The Patriot Ledger

You have to start somewhere, and a half-dozen local towns are doing just that with wind power. There are still concerns – health questions and economic issues – with wind power, but we won’t know some of the answers until we try it ourselves and see if we like it, can live with it or find something about it too onerous to bear. Important steps with wind power are being taken now in our own backyard, and we should not be oblivious to it. (Read the full story here.)

MARVIN A. GORDON, Milton: Vote out two selectmen for ousting Kevin Mearn as town administrator

from The Patriot Ledger

Fellow voters, with your votes please do NOT renew the contracts of the two selectmen who last week brought dishonor on our town in its 350th year by their disgraceful action in rejecting the contract renewal of our exemplary, dedicated and fully competent town administrator, Kevin Mearn, a town employee of 38 years. (Read the full text of Mr. Gordon’s letter to the Ledger here.)

Schedule public meetings to meet the public interest

Commentary by Frank Schroth

This week there are two important meetings that are going to occur on the same night. On Thursday the Board of Selectmen will be in session for the first time since voting in executive session not to renew Town Administrator Kevin Mearn’s contract; that same night the Planning Board will be meeting to resume hearings on the Hendries development. The schedule precludes any member of the public who wants to attend, watch, or speak at both from doing so. And that shouldn’t be.

Irene as community builder

Commentary by Frank Schroth

Irene came and went. But there is nothing like a severe weather system to promote community interaction.

Stoughton land: Is the Weston proposal worth a 2nd look?

Commentary by Frank Schroth

Of the proposals for Stoughton Land recently made public, the one from Weston Associates would seem to us to warrant serious consideration. At their last session the Stoughton Trustees stated that the candidates were down to two: Pulte and Copeland. Why no Weston?