Opinion / Commentary

Time to move on with Hendries

Commentary by April Anderson Lamoureux 

In some ways, the story behind the Hendries redevelopment project reads like a cheap novel worthy of a grocery store endcap. It’s got drama, intrigue and even a murder…of an already dead tree. At some point, many people in Milton just stopped listening, while simultaneously lamenting the dilapidated behemoth sitting in the middle of an otherwise revitalized business district. From a community development perspective, what has happened at this site is a disaster

Frank thoughts on the Ulin Rink

Commentary by Frank Schroth

At the risk of walking onto thin ice, here are some thoughts on moving forward with the Ulin rink which is more than a bit of a sticky wicket for the town. This dramatic municipal miniseries has a long cast of characters (DCR, Town Planner Bill Clark, Friends of Ulin rink, Selectman Tom Hurley, Curry College, Senator Joyce, Representative Tiimilty) and a plot laced with suspicion. But there are no bad guys. . . there’s just no money.

Are all hands on the pump?

Commentary by Suzette Standring
New England snow is the lay of our land, and the Boston area is coming to a standstill.  While “unprecedented snow,” “snow budget exceeded,” “where to put the snow,” and “aging infrastructure”are issues, I question if every hand is truly to the pump.

An error in judgment; a change in policy

by Frank Schroth

In the past month the Boston Globe has published two stories about Milton politicians, one about Governor Patrick and another about Sentor Joyce. Consistent with our policy of “all things Milton,” we linked to those articles. That was an error in judgment.

Frank thoughts on the need for a new East Milton restaurant

Commentary by Frank Schroth

Last Friday the Falconis along with their attorney Marion McEttrick held a public meeting to discuss their proposal for a restaurant for East Milton and receive community feedback (see related post here). Ms. McEttrick reviewed the plan, which calls for a 160-seat high end restaurant at the location of the old Milton Cinema. They have plans to create a parking lot on Church Street, which together with their existing lot will provide ~60 spaces. It is a good plan, and while there are some legitimate concerns, they should not be showstoppers to a business that can bring the square and the town benefits that matter.

Article 11 & our problem with planning

Commentary by Frank Schroth

Tonight, Town Meeting will take up an article proposing a zoning bylaw for planned unit townhouse development. It relates to a proposed development at the site of the St. Pius Rectory and Town Meeting Members have been lobbied by Northland Residential Corp. to support the article. There is likely to be a presentation at tonight’s session for this particular development. And that is the issue: it is zoning that has been drafted in concert with the developer’s attorney to enable a specific development on a particular property.

Frank thoughts on the Swift Hat Shop and the wisdom of televising Warrant Committee meetings

Commentary by Frank Schroth

At a recent meeting of the Board of Selectmen, Chair Katie Conlon recapped a site walk of the wharf area that included looking at the Swift Hat Shop. The building is one of oldest commercial structures in Milton. It has seen better days; but given it’s history there is interest particularly from the Historical Commission in preserving it. Preserving it will take some work given the owner has a demolition order for it. The good news is that Mr. Roberts, the owner, has said he would be willing to pay to relocate the building. But as Ms. Conlon noted there are a lot of moving parts to moving this part of Milton.

Teamsters’ alleged slurs raise doubts about film tax credit

Editorial from The Boston Globe

THE TEAMSTERS who allegedly slashed tires and hurled racist, sexist, and antigay epithets at a “Top Chef” filming site in Milton in June ought to consider how much they stand to lose if their offensive antics cause the public to lose faith in the Massachusetts film industry. (Read the full story here.)


Some frank thoughts traffic & parking

Commentary by Frank Schroth

Last week the Master Plan committee asked for community input on “Which transportation improvements do you feel are most important to make?” It was the third in a series of questions they’re asking of residents as they conclude the information gathering phase of drafting a new master plan. But to know what improvements are most important assumes one knows what improvements are available, are there any?

Why do you live here?

Commentary by Frank Schroth
After our families, there is likely little that is as important to us as our houses and by extension our neighborhoods, and our town. The reasons for why we live exactly where we live vary and, likely, those reasons have changed over time. Houses become homes, places of memory, habit, and familiarity.
Currently there is a discussion underway about housing here in Milton. Developers, planning board members, town officials, consultants, real estate agents are all to some extent involved in this  discussion. It is a part of the ongoing master plan process, and it is very important to the future of this town. Here is why.